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Unix Protection
with Secret Server

Extend Secret Server privileged account and
access protection to your Unix systems

Compromise of Unix systems could be catastrophic!

  • Ensure your local root accounts are discovered, protected, controlled, and managed.

  • Control and manage SSH keys.

  • Make sure powerful commands (such as Sudo / Su) are limited in use for least privilege access.

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Unix Protection delivers a powerful combo of security tools:
SSH Key Management and Unix Command Control

Step up your security without impacting your business users’ daily work routine with:

Unix Protection
SSH Key Management SSH Command Control
Automatically rotate SSH Keys in Secret Server and target systems Allow SSH Keys to be checked-out when access is needed to a system Maintain better control over the use of Sudo and Su commands on Unix systems Combine with session recording to maintain audit trails of commands used
Maintain unique keys for each of your systems, to limit lateral threat movements Generate new SSH Key pairs whenever needed, on demand or on schedule Improve administrative delegation on Unix systems with Secret Server Help facilitate a move to least privilege by only providing users with the commands they need

Protect Private / Public Keypairs

Private keys must be protected at all cost. If compromised they give a malicious user complete and uncontrolled access to any system that has a stored corresponding public key. These keypairs are often left unchanged for months or even years (if ever changed at all). Unix Protection from Thycotic ensures you can generate, store, protect, and manage your SSH Keys directly within Secret Server.

Secure Unix systems under Least Privilege

Root accounts on a Unix-based system provide a lot of power to a single administrator. With SSH Command Allowing, you can create a list of allowed commands by each administrator, ensuring that even root accounts are limited.

Watch a Short Demo on SSH Key Management in Secret Server

Enhance your Secret Server security by enforcing least privilege on Unix/Linux root admin accounts!

  • Enables Secret Server administrators to build a Unix command allow to limit what users can do with privileged accounts.
  • Increases security with granular control of root credentials to limit privileges, while meeting compliance regulations and policies for Unix Superuser Privilege Management (SUPM).
  • Report on what commands users can run to prove audit or compliance mandates.

Learn How to Implement Least Privilege Access for UNIX Admin Users

Key benefits of Unix Protection
for Secret Server customers

Manage SSH Keys in Unix with Secret Server

Ensure you can generate, store, protect, and manage your SSH Keys directly within Secret Server.

Chart – Provide auditors with proof of user authorizations

Improve privileged account security by enforcing least privilege policies for Unix super users without impacting their productivity.

Umbrella – Minimize the risk of data breaches

Minimize the risk of breaches and insider abuse from unauthorized access to, or escalated privileges of, Unix super-user accounts.

Checklist – Demonstrate compliance with security policies

Demonstrate compliance with security policies and regulations by showing auditors that super-user privileges are effectively managed, monitored, controlled, and secure.

Admins – Enable Unix admins to centrally manage Unix accounts linked to AD

Enable Unix administrators to centrally manage and provision Unix accounts that are linked to AD.

Piggy Bank – Save money by reducing help desk calls and account management issues

Save time and money by significantly reducing help desk calls and minimizing Unix admin account management issues.

Keep critical, high-value assets safe with multi-layered privileged account protection.

privileged access management

thycotic secret server

Protect your keys to the kingdom with the most powerful and widely adopted privileged access management security solution for the enterprise.

See how to discover, secure, and manage privileged account passwords painlessly >

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