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Hackers want more than just user passwords – they are targeting your privileged accounts

Privileged account passwords for domain admin accounts, root accounts, superuser accounts, and more, are the preferred targets for hackers these days. Why? Because they give them the “keys to the kingdom,” allowing them to gain access to your most sensitive and critical information.

If you haven’t got a privileged account management (PAM) security solution in place, attackers can take your credentials and start acting like a trusted user.

Store passwords in a secure vault instead of excel spreadsheets or sticky notes

Secret Server Vault uses military grade encryption and advanced security controls to protect domain, service, application, and root accounts tied to your critical data and IT infrastructure.

With all privileged credentials, secrets, tokens and keys managed in a central vault, your team can automatically access systems they need to do their jobs, without storing or sharing passwords insecurely.

Secret Server Vault is designed for organizations and departmental teams of 25 users or less – including third-parties that require secure access to your systems. Unlimited secret protection, easy integrations, and flexible cloud hosting give you the capacity to scale as you grow.

Unlike free “digital wallets” designed for personal passwords, Secret Server Vault manages your entire privileged account lifecycle

  • Discover and keep track of your company’s passwords to avoid password sprawl.
  • Manage password creation, rotation, monitoring, and removal automatically.
  • Empower teams to manage and delegate privileged access intelligently with role-based access controls.
  • Alert administrators of privileged account activity.
  • Demonstrate privileged account protection with an immutable audit trail and built-in, actionable reports.
  • Save management time with Active Directory integration, a browser extension to manage website passwords, and proxy launcher support for Windows Server and UNIX instances.

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Go beyond Personal Password Managers

While applicable for individual users, personal password managers such as LastPass, Dashlane, KeePass and others do not have the power and capabilities of a true Privileged Account Management (PAM) solution.

See why a secure vault is a core requirement for privileged account security.

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