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  • Automatically identify and understand the scope of your privileged account risk.

  • Comprehensively protect privileged credentials from cyberattacks.

  • Continuously monitor, record, and securely manage privileged accounts and administrator access.

See why Thycotic is your
best value in PAM

to fix your most important challenges

45% of Hackers say privileged accounts are their most coveted target.

94% of Hackers find privileged credentials in unprotected files and spreadsheets.

Why IT Admins and IT Security Pros
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  • Fastest to deploy

  • Easiest to use

  • Scalable enterprise password management
    at a competitive price

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Thycotic provides the best privileged account security software
and the support we need to solve our most pressing problems.

Liz McQuarrie, Principle Scientist,
Director of Security Operations, Adobe

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Key benefits of Secret Server

A Secure Enterprise Password Manager
Manage enterprise passwords safely, and automatically!


Secret Server introduces a fundamental security layer to protect against cyber-attacks that target privileged accounts to get at critical information assets in your organization.


Secret Server automates the management and security of your enterprise privileged accounts from a single console, saving you time and money while reducing risk.

Secret Server enables you to store, distribute, change,
and audit passwords
in a secure environment

Manage and organize your enterprise passwordsManage
and Organize

Create, share, and automatically change enterprise passwords. Assign user permissions at any level, and track password usage with full audit reports. Organize secrets in intuitive nested folders and do it all through a simple, customizable dashboard.

Real-time management of your network passwordsReal-time

Notify your team in real time when you change network passwords, craft your own Password Changers, and customize your alerts. Credentials are always up-to-date, and you’ll know immediately when an administrator changes a password.

Seamless IntegrationSeamless

Get fast, convenient access with Active Directory integration and other excellent integration options. RDP/PuTTY Launchers, iPhone, Android, & Blackberry apps, Firefox extensions, CRM integration, Cisco, and SIEM. Plus, you can import credentials from other applications, making startup seamless.

Top-level security features for your enterprise password managementTop-Level

Multiple top-level security features are essential for enterprise password management. With Secret Server, you get them all: AES 256 encryption, two-factor authentication, 100-character passwords, custom workflow approvals, active session monitoring, SIEM integration, and more. Plus, our unique DoubleLock.

Essential Compliance and the importance of enterprise password managementEssential

Compliance mandates place considerable importance on enterprise password management. Use Secret Server to help your organization reach SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Basel II, MASS Regulation 201 CMR 17 compliance, and more. Check out our solutions for compliance and download our white papers.

Disaster Recovery with Secret ServerDisaster

Should disaster strike, don’t worry. Secret Server supports automatic database and IIS directory backups, as well as SQL database mirroring to create real time backups of all the stored data. Need high availability and clustering? That’s available, too. And in an emergency, you can always “break the glass.”

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Installed On-Premise

Installed On-Premise

Installed On-Premise

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Tech Support, KB, Forums

Vault, Permissions, Auditing

Password Changing

Custom Workflows

Enterprise Level Monitoring




Enterprise Plus


Looking for a full feature list?

Comprehensive features developed from user feedback

See a comprehensive Secret Server feature list and comparison chart

see why IT Admins & Security Officers
love Secret Server password management SOFTWARE

“Secret Server has helped us standardize the way our organization protects privileged account passwords. Our organization wanted an enterprise-grade solution that was easy to deploy, use and scale, and Secret Server delivered all of this from day one.”

Jordan Anderson, System Administrator,
University of San Diego

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