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Thycotic Secret Server

Fastest to deploy, easiest to use, enterprise-grade privilege management solution


Your privileged accounts are hackers’ favorite targets

Privileged accounts like domain admin accounts, root accounts, superuser accounts, and more, are the preferred targets for hackers these days. Why? Because they give them the “keys to the kingdom,” allowing them to gain access to your most sensitive and critical information.

If you don’t have a privileged access management (PAM) security solution in place, attackers can take your credentials and start acting like a trusted user.

Here’s why Secret Server is your secret weapon to secure them

unknown-iconDiscover & Store Privileged Accounts

  • Easily detect all privileged accounts and store the passwords in our secure vault.
  • Accomplishes in minutes what would take countless IT hours.

unmanaged-iconManage & Audit Privileged Accounts

  • Automatic password rotation to manage the keys to the kingdom.
  • Alerts you to abnormal use of credentials.
  • Dramatically improves your security posture.
  • Facilitates adherence to compliance standards.

unprotected-iconMonitor & Control Privileged Accounts

  • Know how your privileged accounts are being used and deter abuse.
  • Provide full view to SOC with SIEM integration of privilege activities.
  • Non-repudiation evidence for auditors through active recording & monitoring.

Why Security Professionals and IT Admins both love Secret Server

  • Simply Secure – Multiple layers of built-in security with easy access management for IT admins, robust segregation of role-based duties, and military-grade AES 256 bit encryption.
  • Highly Scalable – Supports large-scale distributed environments, all major OS, DB, apps, hypervisors, network devices, and security appliances, for on-premise and cloud.
  • Always Available – Delivers high availability disaster recovery options, as well as hot backups, database mirroring, and our unique unlimited admin mode for “break-the-glass” scenarios.
  • Readily Customizable – Easy to customize without any need to spend time or money to hire expensive consultants.
  • Faster & Better – Delivers more value in first 30 days than any other PAM solution.
  • Auditable Too – Out-of-the-box and custom reports satisfy security regulations with minimal effort.

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What Our Customers Say

Our IT administrators were able to get up to speed with Secret Server within minutes and our control over privileged accounts improved immediately . By adopting a tool that helps us manage sensitive credentials across privileged accounts, we no longer face the inefficiencies and security risks that can plague an organization as big as ours.

Michael Boeglin, Director of global infrastructure – International Rescue Committee

What the Analysts Say

Secret Server is a full-fledged privileged account management platform ready for global enterprises. This has earned them a place as a leader in innovation from our point of view.”

Martin Kuppinger, Founder, KuppingerCole IT Security Firm

Thycotic’s Privileged Account Management Tools
for IT Ops

Secret Server Architecture Diagram

Secret Server Architecture - click for full screen

Privileged Access

Secret Server Privileged Access Management Software

Secret Server

easiest to use, most powerful, and widely adopted privileged access management (PAM) solution.

Enterprise-grade password security and privileged account management for organizations of all sizes and any type of deployment.

Least Privilege &
Application Control

Privilege Manager - Least Privilege and Application Control

Privilege Manager

All-in-one solution for least privilege management, threat intelligence, and application whitelisting, greylisting, and blacklisting.

Seamless adoption for security teams, help desk support, and business users, because productivity is never impacted.

privileged account
incident response

Privileged Behavior Analytics Software

Privilege Behavior Analytics

Advanced analytics and machine learning that integrates with your privileged access management solution. Automatically identify and analyze suspicious behavior that indicates privileged account abuse.

Maintain business continuity with real-time alerts that support rapid, effective incident response to a privileged account breach.

Store, distribute, change, and audit passwords in a secure environment.

keysManage and Organize

Create, share, and automatically change enterprise passwords. Assign user permissions at any level, and track password usage with full audit reports. Organize secrets in intuitive nested folders and do it all through a simple, customizable dashboard.

radioReal-time Management

Notify your team in real time when you change network passwords, craft your own Password Changers, and customize your alerts. Credentials are always up-to-date, and you’ll know immediately when an administrator changes a password.


Get fast, convenient access with Active Directory integration and other excellent integration options. RDP/PuTTY Launchers, iPhone, Android, & Blackberry apps, Firefox extensions, CRM integration, Cisco, and SIEM. Plus, you can import credentials from other applications, making startup seamless.


Multiple top-level security features are essential for enterprise password management. With Secret Server, you get them all: AES 256 encryption, two-factor authentication, 100-character passwords, custom workflow approvals, active session monitoring, SIEM integration, and more. Plus, our unique DoubleLock.


Compliance mandates place considerable importance on enterprise password management. Use Secret Server to help your organization reach SOX, PCI DSS, HIPAA, Basel II, MASS Regulation 201 CMR 17 compliance, and more. Check out our solutions for compliance and download our white papers.

keysDisaster Recovery

Should disaster strike, don’t worry. Secret Server supports automatic database and IIS directory backups, as well as SQL database mirroring to create real time backups of all the stored data. Need high availability and clustering? That’s available, too. And in an emergency, you can always “break the glass.”