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Getting Started Steps

1. Print the Getting Started PDF 

It’s less than 10 pages and includes detailed steps to get up and running with Thycotic Secret Server, including a checklist so you can track your progress.

2. Download and install Thycotic Secret Server

Download Thycotic Secret Server. Once downloaded, you’ll get one free user license. The installation is a simple, 5-step process after which you can begin to manage your passwords right away.

Installation Guides: Windows Vista/Server 2008 | Windows 8/Server 2012

3. Create an admin account, and save it in a safe place

You’ll need this account to do the initial configuration, and to convert your trial into a production environment.

4. Follow the Secret Server Setup Wizard

This will set up your licenses, email, and create your first group.

5. Configure Active Directory

Thycotic Secret Server allows authenticated users to log in using their Active Directory credentials, and synchronizes AD users from domain groups on a configurable interval. Thycotic Secret Server will not store the domain user’s passwords, but will pass the credentials through to the domain to authenticate.

For a detailed guide see Configuring Active Directory with Thycotic Secret Server

6. Create your first Secret

From Dashboard (HOME), go to the upper-right corner and select a Secret template from the drop-down menu. You’ll automatically be directed to a page containing all the relevant fields to create your first Secret.

Secret Server - Create First Secret

7. Get the most of Secret Server

The Basics

  1. Create a Secret
  2. Share a Secret
  3. Customize folder/user permissions
  4. Review auditing for Secret views
  5. Enable Heartbeat
  6. Access a Secret from your smart phone


  1. DoubleLock a Secret
  2. Check Out (and check in) a Secret
  3. Set up Secret Expiration
  4. Configure Remote Password Changing
  5. Set up an Alert for a custom event
  6. Review the Getting Started PDF for a full implementation checklist.