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Proactively Detect Breaches and Prevent Data Theft

Privileged Behavior Analytics for Secret Server

Innovative machine learning technology automatically identifies and alerts for suspicious Privileged Account access and activity based on individual behavior baselines

Why IT Admins and Security Pros love Privileged Behavior Analytics for Secret Server

  • Gives real-time graphical views of privileged accounts and access patterns for individual users across your enterprise

  • Provides early warning alerts of potential account compromise by hackers or malicious insiders

  • Frees up time and effort from time-consuming log collection and analysis

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62percentof cyber security breaches from hackers or abuse by malicious insiders involve compromised privileged account credentials. These attacks are hard to discover, and can go undetected for months.


Early warning of privileged account compromise or misuse can mean the difference between a contained incursion and a cyber security catastrophe.


Privileged Behavior Analytics provides a cloud-based solution that utilizes advanced machine learning technology to analyze privileged account activity within Secret Server and alert for anomalous or suspicious user behaviors.

See how Privileged Behavior Analytics can help you spot and prevent data breaches

Maximize your Secret Server investment with powerful new visibility into your privileged account environment

This is what a breach looks like

How to Instantly See Privileged Account Compromise or Abuse

Real time views of real world scenarios with
Privileged Behavior Analytics for Secret Server

Privileged Behavior Analytics cuts through the noise to show you what’s most important

An instant analysis of privileged user activity enables you to discover insider threats fast!

Privileged Behavior Analytics dashboard provides instant analysis

Detailed graphs and charts of when Secrets were accessed over a given time period reveal inconsistencies in privileged user behavior that need further investigation.

Receive and monitor alerts for user activity.

Real-time behavior pattern recognition

Privileged Behavior Analytics learns the behavior of each individual user and creates a behavior baseline, so that when the user performs activities outside of their normal behavior, the system will alert the security team.

You can easily determine the severity of anomalous behavior by viewing the threat score in Privileged Behavior Analytics

Threat Scoring highlights the severity of behavior anomalies

Privilege Behavior Analytics applies a threat scoring algorithm to determine the severity of anomalous behavior, incorporating factors such as the time of day a Secret is accessed, the level of sensitivity of a specific Secret, whether the Secret is shared with a number of users, and the Secret’s access history.

With your privileged account environment at your fingertips you can view privileged user activity at a glance.

Actionable insights from graphic dashboard displays

Keep views of your privileged account environment at your fingertips. Display your most active users at any given time, and show your most accessed Secrets. At a glance, you can easily see if any one user or Secret may have been granted more access than necessary.

Your privileged account map shows individual accounts and all the users that have access to them.

Privileged account mapping for individual accountability

View a map of your privileged accounts and all the users that have access to them. Users and Secrets are grouped together into “communities” that serve as mini-ecosystems. At a glance, you can see if a Secret is contained within a group of people, or if users are accessing Secrets that are in other departments.

Identify and prevent insider threats at a deeper level by monitoring certain users or Secrets more closely.

Flexible controls for identifying and preventing insider threats

For Secrets and users that need to be monitored more closely, administrators can override the threat score to force the system to be more sensitive to that Secret or user and their corresponding activity.

Easy to install and maintain with Secret Server

Privileged Behavior Analytics is a cloud product built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform. It connects directly with an On-Premise installation of Secret Server, importing all the Secret and user activity history from Secret Server to detect anomalous behavior.

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“Thycotic has done a nice job expanding its tool kit and addressable markets. PBA saves IT admins hours of manual labor that would be required to sort through thousands of logs to find evidence of unusual behavior, at which point attackers are generally long gone”


Thycotic adds privileged behavior analytics to flagship Secret Server