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Manage Passwords via Web-Browser or Smartphone

Web-based access versus Windows client

Unlike KeePass which creates “safes”, (encrypted files saved directly on disk), Secret Server is a web-based application installed on your network. It can be accessed via any platform. The four major web browsers – Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome – are fully supported.

Mobile Support

Secret Server has native apps for iPhone and Android. These mobile apps can be installed on a Smartphone and configured for a Secret Server installation in minutes.

Why is Secret Server a perfect KeePass alternative for enterprise password management?

Have you ever wondered how KeePass compares to Secret Server Password Software?

KeePass is designed for single users; but Secret Server is great for teams too.

KeePass lacks authentication – the master password does not identify users; Secret Server does not have this problem.

KeePass lacks some other essential functionality too:

  • auditing
  • permissions
  • centralized control
  • integration with existing systems for authentication
  • integration with existing systems for automatic password changing

All these factors make KeePass a great tool for an individual but severely lacking for an IT admin team. Secret Server is specifically designed for IT admin teams.

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