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Centralized Control of Your Passwords

Compare centralized control to easily-copied password files

Secret Server password management software can be installed on a single server on your network. The application uses a centralized Microsoft SQL Server database which supports mirroring and access control that can scale from hundreds to thousands of users.

By comparison KeePass creates “safes” which are encrypted files saved directly on disk. These safes can be easily copied to a USB disk, or around the network, which makes it impossible to control sharing of your passwords. It is especially difficult to assess vulnerabilities when an employee leaves.

Secret Server integrates with Active Directory

Granular permissions can be assigned in Secret Server based on roles and users/groups within Active Directory. Role based access control (RBAC) makes it easy to provision access to passwords when a new administrator needs access to systems. KeePass is not capable of integration with Active Directory, nor granular access control.

Why is Secret Server a perfect KeePass alternative for enterprise password management?

Have you ever wondered how KeePass compares to Secret Server Password Software?

KeePass is designed for single users; but Secret Server is great for teams too.

KeePass lacks authentication – the master password does not identify users; Secret Server does not have this problem.

KeePass lacks some other essential functionality too:

  • auditing
  • permissions
  • centralized control
  • integration with existing systems for authentication
  • integration with existing systems for automatic password changing

All these factors make KeePass a great tool for an individual but severely lacking for an IT admin team. Secret Server is specifically designed for IT admin teams.