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Secret Server Feature: Web-Based

Secure Browser-Based Password Management

Web-based password management makes deployments simple

What’s the challenge?

Deploying new client applications to users can be tedious, and it requires overhead—not just for the initial installation but for subsequent upgrades too. Security savvy organizations ultimately require a more streamlined solution, and better access to their password management application.

Why it’s important

Minimizing the amount of software that needs to be installed can greatly reduce deployment time freeing up users and IT admins for higher value tasks. A standard web-based HTML application reduces many potential issues in a deployment; and web-based password managers are usually easy to deploy and upgrade. This is particularly true of Secret Server.

How this feature solves it

With Secret Server password manager, only one installation is required—and it’s fast!
Installing a single instance means your entire team can access their privileged accounts via their browsers. And because it’s web-based it’s also compatible with many clients and OS’s, such as tablets and other mobile devices. All you need to gain access to your password manager is a browser.

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In addition to browser access, Secret Server has a long list of other user-friendly features too >

Additional Information

Secret Server deploys on a standard Microsoft IIS web server with a SQL Server database. Once installed users will be able to log in to start using the software.

All administration and usage of Secret Server can be done from the web interface. Use of the Secret Server session launcher requires the installation of a protocol handler or use of ClickOnce by the end user. See this feature page for more information on the Remote Desktop and PuTTY session launchers.

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