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Secret Server Feature: themes

customize Secret server’s interface

Match your corporate branding with custom themes,
and add your logo

What’s the challenge?

Applications often need to be branded to match color schemes and include corporate logos to make sure they fit within existing portals and meet user expectations. Customizing themes can be difficult if the application itself needs to be modified, as this can affect upgrades and requires CSS skills.

Why it’s important

When IT organizations create a consistent corporate look and feel their users know they are using an approved internal site. Custom themes enable you to easily personalize Secret Server to your organization so the app feel like it’s yours.

How this feature solves it

Secret Server’s in-app theme roller lets you automatically create a fully customized theme just by picking out a color. Then, upload your organization’s logo for the header and set gradient behavior. Once created you can enforce the theme for all users, or let them choose their own.

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Additional Information

Themes created by the theme roller will be automatically brought up to date with upgrades and don’t require extensive maintenance or advanced web development skills. See this KB for a full walk-through of creating a new custom theme.

Advanced users can override CSS settings in the Themes directory, or set custom colors for different UI elements within the theme roller.

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