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Sharing Secrets

Share Secrets, Secure Data, and Sensitive Information

Secrets are individually named sets of sensitive information derived from Secret Templates. Template flexibility enables Secrets to address a broad spectrum of secure data. The security of your Secrets is managed centrally through the view/edit settings of each individual Secret. The folder structure allows one or more Secrets to inherit permissions from a parent folder. All Secret field information is securely encrypted within the database.

Sharing Secrets

Secrets can be shared with both groups and individual users. Secrets can be configured for access from the Secret View page.

Secret sharing with groups or users is administered from the group/user drop-down list. Permissions for each entity are set on a grid that displays users with their level of access to the Secret.

To further simplify the process of sharing, Secrets can automatically inherit permissions from their folder. By selecting Inherit Permissions from Folder, a Secret will inherit all the parent folder’s permissions.

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