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SHA-512 Hashing

SHA-512 Hashing is essential for top-level password security

Secret Server password management software uses SHA-512, the government standard for hashing.

What is SHA-512 Hashing?
Hashing is a cryptographic function that takes a set of data as input and produces a ‘thumbprint’ of the data, known as a digest. This thumbprint cannot be reversed back into its original form, making hashing ideal for storing passwords to ensure they cannot be stolen. Even the smallest change of the input text produces radically different hashed values. This guarantees that if two users choose the same password, their hash value in the database will not be the same.

Why does Secret Server use SHA-512?
Secret Server is designed to be as secure as possible to reduce the chance of any data being compromised. So user passwords and DoubleLock passwords are hashed in the database using the SHA 512 hashing function. A hash function differs from an encryption method in that a hash function, when used correctly, is computationally infeasible to reverse.

Secret Server also uses random salts and multiple hash iterations to prevent brute-forcing or the use of Rainbow tables.

Hashing is an essential security requirement, ensuring that authentication credentials are not exposed.

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SHA-512 Hashing feature in Secret Server

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