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Secret Server Feature: SECRET SERVER SDK

Develop and deploy software fast, without compromising security.

The Secret Server SDK/(CLI) speeds up your ability to engage and interact with Secret Server via Command Line. Most importantly, the tool allows you to work fast without compromising security.

What’s the challenge?

As a DevOps user, I want to retrieve credentials I need from a secure location to gain access to a lot of fast-moving platforms such as AWS, MongoDB, etc. To complete my work, efficiency is priority.

As a Security professional, I cannot afford to have static hard coded credentials stored in any source code or deployment platforms. Instead, I need to store all corporate credentials in a secure vault where I can determine who has access to what—and track that access.

Why it’s important

Secret Server holds some of your organization’s most sensitive data and access to it must be secure. Two-factor authentication is a security best practice that is easy to enable in Secret Server, and supports many common providers.


The SDK tool for DevOps is a console application written in .NET Core that wires up its own credentials based on the machine it is installed on. Those credentials, or “DevOps Users”, do not have any rights in Secret Server but can be assigned to other Secret Server users or application user accounts, essentially mimicking permissions in order to access Secrets.

This removes the widespread problem for DevOps team members to hard-code credentials into scripts and configuration files. Instead, the target system will be registered via IP address and “white listed,” which will allow REST authentication without entering user credentials. The SDK client can be used to retrieve a REST user token for typical REST API use; alternatively, users can utilize the SDK client to perform direct queries against Secret Server.

In other words, the SDK Tool for DevOps establishes secure access points so that power users can employ Secret Server’s robust API directly through the Command Line, without taking time away to enter privileged account passwords.

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Additional Information

Client System Requirements:

  • Must be running Secret Server 10.4

Types of Operating Systems:

  • win10-x64 (Windows 10)
  • centos-7-x64 (CentOS 7)
  • rhel.7-x64 (Red Hat Enterprise 7)
  • ubuntu.16.10-x64 (Ubuntu 16.10)
  • osx.10.12-x64 (Mac OS 10.12)

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