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Remote Desktop and PuTTY Launcher

Keep passwords hidden with RDP and PuTTY Launcher

Increase security in your organization by allowing administrators to use passwords without knowing what they are.

Use the Launcher in Secret Server password management software for permitting remote access to machines, launching applications, and logging into websites.

Secret Server’s Launcher opens a connection to the remote computer using Remote Desktop or PuTTY. It can also log into a website using the Secret’s credentials directly from the web browser. This provides a convenient way to open Remote Desktop (RDP) and PuTTY connections without revealing the password.

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Custom Launcher

Custom launchers allow users to open applications using credentials from Secret Server. For example, a user can run PowerShell as an administrator; open SQL management Studio as a defined user; or open any application that can be configured.

Possible applications that can be configured for a custom launcher include: VPN clients, FTP applications, Remote Access tools, or almost any application that uses privileged credentials on startup.

Secret Server also allows you to upload and run batch or shell scripts as a custom launcher. These uploaded scripts will be automatically distributed to the client when they click the launcher link, removing any concerns about manually distributing batch files to all your users.

The Secret Server session launcher is cross platform with Mac OS X and Windows. IT admins get a seamless Launcher experience using their preferred native tools when opening sessions from either Mac or Windows workstations.

More information and examples on setting up Custom Launchers: Custom Process Launcher Setup Instructions and Troubleshooting >


Remote Desktop Launcher

The Remote Desktop launcher (RDP) launches a Windows Remote Desktop session and authenticates the user into a machine automatically. This works with AD accounts, local Windows accounts and even with machines that are not domain joined.

See the RDP Launcher in action: Watch a demo movie of the Remote Desktop Launcher >


PuTTY Launcher

The PuTTY launcher opens a PuTTY session and authenticates the user into any system running UNIX or Linux. This works with any *NIX system that supports SSH.

Thycotic Secret Server also supports authentication using SSH keys.

See the PuTTY launcher in action: Movie: PuTTY Launcher >


Web Launcher

Use Web Password Filler to log in to most websites automatically. Install this convenient bookmarklet on your browser’s toolbar and simply click it when you’re visiting your favorite sites. The Web Password Filler will instantly fill in your username and password using credentials from a corresponding Secret.


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