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Secret Server Feature: Remote Desktop and PuTTY Sessions

Secure Remote Access To Critical Systems

Easily open remote sessions with privileged accounts without exposing passwords.

What’s the challenge?

In most organizations many sensitive passwords are insecurely recorded or stored. Every day IT departments use these privileged credentials to log on to servers, network devices and line of business applications. Chances are, your admins either know your privileged passwords, or are insecurely storing them.

Why it’s important

Passwords used by administrators for remote access are targets for escalation of breaches and unauthorized access. IT users need these accounts to do their jobs, but without central controls privileged access becomes impossible to audit, and an unacceptable security risk.

How this feature solves it

Secret Server’s remote session launchers reduce password proliferation and allow admins to easily get access with the privilege level they need to get the job done. Admins can remotely access the system while the password or key remains securely hidden. Passwords can even be changed when the session is done and a recording saved for forensics or auditing.

Use the Launcher in Secret Server password management software for permitting remote access to servers, applications, databases and more. Session launchers can be started right from the browser and are cross platform with Mac OS X and Windows. IT admins get a seamless Launcher experience using their preferred native tools from either Mac or Windows workstations.

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RDP Launcher

The Remote Desktop launcher (RDP) automatically opens a Windows session and authenticates the user with privileged credentials from Secret Server. It works with both Active Directory and local Windows accounts, and supports logins to non-domain joined servers.

Connections can be proxied through Secret Server, so you can lock down access to secure networks and limit what 3rd party contractors can get access to.

PuTTY Launcher

Access UNIX, Linux, network devices, and any system that supports SSH with the PuTTY launcher. The user is automatically authenticated with either a password or a private key.

You can also proxy and log SSH sessions to prevent the password or private key from getting on the user’s workstation and to ensure a strong audit trail for change control and forensics.

Custom Launcher

Custom launchers allow users to open applications using credentials from Secret Server. Admins can use their preferred tools, such as starting remote PowerShell sessions as a privileged user; open SQL management Studio as a system account; or run any configurable tool.

Possible applications that can be configured for a custom launcher include VPN clients, FTP applications, Remote Access tools, or almost any application that uses privileged credentials on startup.

Secret Server also allows you to upload and run batch or shell scripts as a custom launcher for additional customizability. These uploaded scripts are automatically distributed to the client when they click the launcher link to avoid manually distributing scripts.

See our knowledge base for more examples and instructions for quickly configuring custom session launchers.

Web Filler

Use the Web Password Filler to automatically sign in to websites. Install the browser extension or bookmarklet and simply click to sign into a site. The Web Password Filler will instantly fill in the username and password from a corresponding Secret.

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