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Password Requirements

Set your password requirements to match the security policy and best practices of your organization.

With Secret Server password management software secure passwords can be generated automatically.

You do this in Secret Server’s template settings when you create your Secret, and your template can be configured to require specific characters and password length to guarantee strong passwords. Additionally, Password History can be enabled to keep a full record of all previous passwords.

Password requirements can be set for different variations of characters and symbols; for example: two uppercase letters, two lowercase letters, etc.

Secret Server also has easy-to-use ‘Copy to Clipboard’ and automatic password changing features making it perfectly feasible to have 100-character, randomly generated passwords. These long, complex passwords are time consuming to write down or type. This discourages users from keeping copies of your passwords elsewhere, and improves security.

Do you have strong password protection policies in place to prevent unauthorized access or demonstrate security compliance?
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Password Requirement feature in Secret Server

Password Compliance reports help track and enforce requirements on passwords when they are generated, added or edited. Using these reports an Admin can effectively and easily track which passwords comply with auditors requirements.

Password Compliance Report in Secret Server

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