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Secret Server Feature: password generation

Automatic Rule Based Password Generation

Randomly generate strong complex passwords for account security

What’s the challenge?

Even when your organization’s passwords are changed regularly you still have to prove the actual passwords meet compliance mandates. Shared account passwords should always be random, complex, and long. Different systems may have different allowed characters and lengths.

Why it’s important

Security best practices for privileged accounts dictate that each account should have a unique strong password. Secret Server’s password generation feature ties into automatic password changing and reporting to assign strong, random passwords, and can prove this to auditors.

How this feature solves it

With Secret Server, you can configure password requirements for different types of accounts. This ensures that only allowed characters are used and each system can use the strongest password possible. Combined with the session launchers and copy-to-clipboard options it’s perfectly feasible to use 100-character long passwords. This improves security by making passwords impossible to memorize.

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Additional Info

Password rules aren’t only used when generating new passwords. You can also force users who edit a Secret to match the password complexity requirements. See this KB for a walk-through of configuring password requirement rules for Secrets.

This assists in migrating from legacy systems where the initial Secrets in Secret Server may have weak passwords. For a quick analysis, built-in reports show you which Secrets don’t have strong passwords.

Visit our Resources section for free tools and additional important information on secure password management.

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