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Firefox Add-On

Secret Server fully supports the Firefox web browser and has a custom Firefox extension to ensure Firefox gets access to all Secret Server’s features!

Firefox Add-on for Secret Server

Clearing the Clipboard

The custom Firefox extension for Secret Server password management software provides the ability to clear the clipboard of your search engine after a period of time so important passwords don’t hang around from websites you visit. This time period can be customized. Default for this “private window” is set at 30 seconds.

While many people think clearing web browsing history and history cookies and going into private browsing mode or incognito mode are enough, our extension ups the ante when it comes to the ultimate private browser capability.

Other Browsers and Extensions

Secret Server also works with other browsers like Internet Explorer, Safari and Google Chrome to keep important information like passwords anonymous on the Internet.
Please contact us if you have questions about an extension not mentioned here.

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