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Secret Server Feature: File Attachments

Protect sensitive files

Easily store and encrypt files and documents containing sensitive information.

What’s the challenge?

IT departments must protect sensitive files such as network diagrams, license files, private keys, and SSL certificates, while ensuring they are easily accessible to the right users.

Why it’s important

Files stored on shared drives or workstations often lack security and audit controls and are therefore vulnerable to breaches. And private key files grant direct access to servers, but are rarely managed. These sensitive files need to be protected the same way you protect your passwords.

How this feature solves it

With Secret Server’s file attachments you can upload sensitive files to Secrets and they are encrypted and stored along with other privileged accounts. Role Based Access and permissions mean you have granular control over who can download and view attached files.

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Protect sensitive files. Files can be attached while creating or editing a Secret.

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