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CRM Integration

Integrate your Secret Server password management software with industry applications like ConnectWise, AutoTask and Microsoft CRM. 

Secret Server integrates with ConnectWise through the ConnectWise API, or with other on-premises systems using a Database level synchronization.

Organize your passwords, or Secrets, based on different customers in Secret Server’s nested folders – just like Windows folders – then apply permissions to the folders to determine who can view or change the passwords within them. The folders can be synchronized with your customer structure in other applications.

For Example:

Secret Server

  • + Root
    • – Internal
    • – Infrastructure
    • – etc …
    • – Customers
      • – Prospects
      • – Acme Inc
      • – ABC Inc
    • – Existing
      • – Delta Corp
      • – Smith and Associates
    • – Past
      • – Wagonwheels Inc

When a prospect becomes an actual customer in the 3rd party application, the folder automatically moves in Secret Server too. You can also create custom links in your other application that open into Secret Server and show the passwords for a single customer by parsing the customer name (as a folder name) in the URL query string.

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Folder Synchronization in Secret Server

You can specify the database connection information and synchronization interval for on-premises systems. Secret Server has built-in configuration for ConnectWise, but using a custom SQL view allows you to easily integrate with other applications.

Note: You can use the Secret Server theme roller to match your ConnectWise color scheme to provide a consistent look and feel.

Secret Server has dozens of user-friendly features that IT Admins genuinely love using.
You can check them out here.

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