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Audit Reports

Audit Reports

The User Audit Report enables you to easily assess vulnerability when someone leaves the company. Select a user and date range and Secret Server will display every Secret the user accessed. Then expire each Secret, instantly decreasing the likelihood of a security breach. The User Audit Report is a necessity for those needing to comply with internal and/or external information security mandates.

The User Audit Report

  • Helps SEC-regulated companies comply with the Sarbanes Oxley Act of 2002 and other regulatory compliance needs.
  • Records all actions a user makes on a Secret. For example: creating, updating, sharing, etc.
  • Assists in ensuring that all secrets are used properly.

Secret Audit Reports

Whereas the User Audit Report focuses on the user, the Secret Audit Report provides accurate details on the Secret itself. Users can protect their sensitive information by monitoring the level of activity on any Secret they have access to.


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