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Web Services API

Web Services API and Integration with Third Party Applications

Access Secret Server password manager to retrieve or update Secrets and Folders using Web Services.

The flexible nature of Web Services allows Secret Server to be accessed using mobile devices, third party applications, and scripts. Proper authentication is required to access the Secret Server Web Services and all actions are audited.

Secret Server supports both REST and SOAP for web services.

Secret Server Web Services

What you can do with the Web Services API:

  • Search for Secrets
  • Save new Secrets
  • Edit existing Secrets
  • Mark Secrets as favorites
  • And More…

View API examples and guides in our developer resources portal

Security in the API

Access Web Service using SSL to ensure the communication channel is secure. Secret Server uses a token-based authentication mechanism which makes Web Service requests easier as the authentication occurs as a separate step, and then the token is passed to each method. This token has a limited lifespan depending on the configuration determined by the administrator of the Secret Server.

Access Secret Server REST Web Services using PowerShell

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