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Active Directory

Active Directory Integration

Active Directory is the standard in most corporations for managing servers, workstations, printers, and users.

Secret Server’s Active Directory integration provides synchronization and authentication for Active Directory users. With our Active Directory integration, you have one less password to remember, yet receive all the same password restrictions and policies on that password as provided by Active Directory.

AD integration makes it easier to manage your privileged passwords since you can now assign permissions to access different passwords based on AD users or AD groups – for example: grant permissions on passwords to your DBA group, Network Admins, Windows Server Admins, UNIX Admins, etc.


Active Directory Integration:

  • Automatically creates user accounts in Secret Server based on Active Directory.
  • Automatically synchronizes Secret Server groups and membership with Active Directory groups.
  • Supports Windows Integrated Authentication. (Single Sign On)

Note: Secret Server does not make changes to AD Schema or store any data in AD.

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