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Thycotic Privileged Access Management and Least Privilege with Application Control solutions are very competitively priced for good reason.

We’ve designed ease of deployment and daily use into each product with a goal of making you as self-sufficient as possible. That means minimal training required, and pro services not necessary for most customers.

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When evaluating your options, keep several factors in mind that will affect your TCO beyond the stated price of software including:

  • How quickly can you and your staff learn to use the tool? Will the tool require an additional half- or even full-time employee simply to run the software?
  • Will you have to switch between multiple UIs to perform common tasks, increasing risk of misconfiguration?
  • Can you view reports and drill into data directly in your browser and share easily with others?
  • Are professional services frequently required for installation, upgrades, or customizing scripts, reports or work flow processes?
  • Does the tool offer a Cloud implementation option, or is it on-premises only?

See for yourself just how affordable the price of Secret Server, Privilege Manager, and other Thycotic solutions can be for protecting your passwords, securing your endpoints, and controlling network access.