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Secure Remote Access

Thycotic Remote Access Controller

Enforcing Zero Trust for Remote
Worker and Third-Party/Vendor Access.


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Why Thycotic Remote Access Controller for Secure Remote Access?

Thycotic Remote Access Controller simplifies and automates the management of remote workers accessing the IT resources they need to be productive and secure. Thycotic’s Remote Access Controller centralizes session authentication, recording, and auditing for both RDP and SSH connections and implements Just-in-Time privileged access controls all within a centralized user portal. Embrace third-party vendors, contractors, and a remote workforce and layer in the right amount of security controls.

Remote Access Controller Icon: Secure Remote Access

Remote Access

Record, review, and audit all RDP and SSH remote access sessions for Windows and Unix based servers and containers

Remote Access Controller Icon: Grant Third Party Access

Grant Third
Party Access

Allow remote workers access to accounts, web apps, and servers on the corporate network inline
with 3rd party policy

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No need to deploy agents or install software on any endpoints or servers

Embrace third-party vendors, contractors
and other remote workers

Thycotic Remote Access Controller simplifies and automates the management of remote employees and third parties accessing the IT resources they need to be productive and secure. It gives teams the next level of granularity for secure remote access to enforce policies, including the use of multi factor authentication and session recording, without requiring any software or browser extension to be installed. You can keep your remote workers productive, your network secure, and virtually eliminate the need for VPN.

See how you can enable employees and third parties to work remotely

Cloud Access Controller Icon: Secure access to web applications

Secure Remote access for all workers easily

Cloud Access Controller Icon: Gain granular Role Based Access Control

Grant Permissions to 3rd parties for secure vendor management

Remote Access Controller Icon: Authenticate Securely

Authenticate Securely with Multi Factor Authentication

Remote Access Controller Icon: Audit 3rd party activities

Audit activities for better 3rd party risk management

What is Driving the Need for Secure Remote Access?

Organizations often use third-party contractors to perform various activitiesand supplement their internal teams. This often creates workflows that are manually intensive and unsafe from a security and compliance perspective. Common challenges include account creation for contractors, granting the appropriate level of access, rights management and contractor off-boarding. IT teams spend a lot of time manually setting up accounts for a contractor and have to keep tabs on when contractor access needs to expire. Furthermore, compliance and risk assessment teams often struggle with collecting data to prove they are in compliance with your remote access policy.

I wish I had Remote Access Controller when I was running my cloud managed services business. Would have saved my team so much time!”

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