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Professional Services

Leverage our expertise to accelerate value and gain self-sufficiency

While Thycotic solutions are simple to install and easy to use, some companies prefer to partner with our professional services team to help set up their environment, establish best practices, and take advantage of expert training.

Thycotic Professional Services are designed to help you quickly gain self-sufficient proficiency by sharing our experience and insights with hands-on assistance.  You immediately get more value from Secret Server to improve cybersecurity, enhance productivity, and demonstrate compliance, all suited to your specific IT environment.



For New Secret Server Customers:

Choose from these “Kick Start” service options

  • Review current needs/identify requirements
  • Install, set up and configure Secret Server
  • Conduct security hardening and generate Health Check Report

Secret Server Kick Start Package

50 to 1,000 employees

  • 4 Day Engagement
  • 24 Hours Total
  • On-Site or Remote

Secret Server Kick Start Package

1,000 to 5,000 employees

  • 6 Day Engagement
  • 40 Hours Total
  • On-Site or Remote

Secret Server Kick Start Package

50 to 1,000 employees

  • 4 Day Engagement
  • 18 Hours Total
  • Remote Only

For existing Secret Server Customers:

Accelerate Value and Productivity with these professional service options

Secret Server smb Package
best practices

50 to 5,000 employees

  • Review current environment, DR Plan and evaluate architecture
  • Perform security evaluation and hardening report
  • Perform administration and permissions audit
  • Review and implement best practices/least privilege, product features, updates, upgrades
  • Plan enterprise adoption strategy

Secret Server enterprise Package
discovery & design

5,000+ employees

  • Review current environment and evaluate architecture
  • Identify project requirements for all teams/stakeholders, required integrations, customization and permissions
  • Identify test environment and installation resources
  • Review best practices and training
  • Create project plan, provision hardware and credentials
  • Develop testing, monitoring and DR plan

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Download the Secret Server Professional Services Datasheet


Check out our Thycotic eLearning Center for Sys Admin training programs