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  • Reset endpoints to a “clean slate.” Remove all local admin rights, including hidden and hard-coded credentials that allow hackers entry.
  • Discover and report applications installed on endpoints.
  • Create polices for application control including allowlisting, blacklisting, and restricting.
  • Enforce least privilege policy without impacting productivity.
  • Save time and reduce help desk calls.

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Deploy a
Single Agent

Discover applications with admin rights, even on non-domain machines, and apply policies.

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Define Flexible Policies

Elevate, allow, deny, and restrict applications in just a few clicks with a policy wizard.

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Manage and Remove Local Admin Rights

Create rules to permanently define local group membership and automatically rotate non-human privileged credentials.

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Allow trusted applications to run, block or sandbox others, all while maintaining a least privilege model.

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Improve IT &
End-User Productivity

Helpdesk tickets decrease with automated bulk or repeatable operations; people automatically access apps and systems they need.