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Privilege Manager Features

Local Security

Manage local endpoint security with precision, and deploy a policy-driven Least Privilege posture

  • Local admin rights management
  • Local user account & group management
  • Automated password rotation

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Local Admin Rights Removal

Privilege Manager can automatically revoke all local administrative privileges on endpoints so you can adhere to a least privilege policy. With application-level privilege elevation, user-level privileges are not required and people can still access all the systems they need.

Local Admin Rights Removal
Local User Account Management

Local User Account Management

You can manage all local users on all endpoints across your organization, including the automatic rotation of local user password(s), all from a central console.

Define Local Group Membership

Review and manage local groups, including Group membership. This powerful capability prevents Group membership changes from being made on an endpoint, as all changes must be made via the Privilege Manager console.

Define Local Group Membership
Automated Local Account Password

Automated Local Account Password

Rotate local account passwords on endpoints based on a pre-defined, fully customizable schedule, ensuring that password best practices are followed.

Privilege Manager features in action

See these Privilege Manager features in action

Privilege Manager can automatically enforce your least privilege security posture through application control.