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Privilege Manager Features

Enterprise Readiness

Endpoint security and application control, with the performance and resiliency modern organizations demand.

  • High Availability & Load Balancing
  • Reverse Proxying
  • Manage-from-anywhere via Thycotic Mobile App

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Local Admin Rights Removal

Privilege Manager can automatically revoke all local administrative privileges on endpoints so you can adhere to a least privilege policy. With application-level privilege elevation, user-level privileges are not required and people can still access all the systems they need.

Privilege Manager - Local Admin Rights Removal

Privilege Manager Mobile App

The Privilege Manager mobile app for iOS and Android lets you  manage endpoints, configure policies, process approvals, and receive event alerts via a mobile device so you can learn of requests and address issues quickly.

Active Directory Privilege Manager

High Availability & Load Balancing

Web server clustering provides both high availability and load balancing by allowing multiple web servers to run Privilege Manager software. A clustered environment is key in disaster recovery scenarios as you can automatically failover to a separate web server with no downtime. Additionally, performance can be improved through load balancing by having multiple servers processing requests simultaneously.

Reverse Proxying

any organizations choose to protect their Privilege Manager web server by restricting it from direct outbound internet access. To secure your environment according to best practices, it is not enough to simply set your server offline because Privilege Manager still will communicate directly to agents across your network that DO have direct internet access, therefore attackers can potentially use the connection between your endpoint agent and Privilege Manager to breach your web server. To prevent this direct connection between agent endpoints and your Privilege Manager web server, Privilege Managers allows for the setup of a Reverse Proxy machine with limited

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Privilege Manager can automatically enforce your least privilege security posture through application control.