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Application Control and Least Privilege Management for Endpoints

Privilege Manager
for Windows & Mac

The optimal solution to enable your
least privilege strategy

Why Security Professionals and IT Admins love Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac

  • Proactive endpoint protection against ransomware and evolving advanced threats
  • Enforce least privilege policies without impacting productivity
  • Easiest to manage application control solution
  • Save time and reduce help desk calls

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85percentof reported breaches involve compromised endpoints according to SANS. Traditional Antivirus and Anti-malware blacklisting can’t keep up with new and advanced threats targeting desktops, laptops, and servers.


Endpoints must be locked down and application access controlled and secured with least privilege policies that do not impact the productivity of employees, or add to administrative burdens.


Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac
offers a comprehensive yet flexible application control and least privilege strategy solution enabling Deny-First Whitelisting, Blacklisting, Graylisting, along with Least Privilege policy-driven enforcement.

Developing a Least Privilege strategy is a must to defend against the latest cyber threats. But removing local administrative access from employees can be a concern.

See how Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac can improve your endpoint security without impacting your business user’s daily work routine.

Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac
Control Applications Manage Privileges
Automatically allow approved applications to run Block all non-approved applications Allow standard users to bypass User Access Control (UAC) Prevent applications from running scripts or other processes
Allows users to request access to run software Run unknown applications in isolation through sandboxing Control what 3rd party vendors can do on your servers Quickly let standard users install printers and change their system clock

A simple 3-step process to achieve control

Icon - identify an application as soon as it starts with Privilege Manager for Windows

1. Identify the Application

Once an application starts, Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac identifies what that application is based on the name, hash, and digital signature of the file.

Icon - policies are searched to determine if there is a match to the application

2. Evaluate Against Policies

Policies are searched for that match not only the application itself, but also the context that the application is running in – such as who’s running it, where they are running it, and on what endpoint type.

Icon - Privilege Manager for Windows and Mac will apply applicable policy actions

3. Apply Actions

Once the matching policies are found, the corresponding actions are applied. Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac enables multiple actions, such as ‘Run the application with elevated privilege’, ‘isolate the application in a sandbox before running it’, ‘deny the application from running’, or even ‘send a message to the user requesting a reason for access’.

Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac protects your vulnerable endpoints with flexible, effective application access control

Icon - a comprehensive application control solutionAssures Comprehensive
Application Control

Controls what apps can be installed, which can run with elevated access, and who gets appropriate privileges.

Icon - flexible enforcement of privilege policiesDelivers Flexible
Policy Enforcement

Make Least Privilege policies as generic or specific as your team needs. Set policies to apply based on user type, operating system, time of day, network status, and many more.

Icon - simple to use, fast application control softwareSimplifies Tasks &
Speeds Time to Value

Provides rapid application discovery and policy templates to save time and effort, combined with the simplest to use, easiest to manage solution.

Icon - enforces least privilege access across applicationsImplements
Least Privilege

You can assure least privilege access across applications without interfering with IT admin or employee productivity.

Icon - Built in reports help you meet compliance requirements Demonstrates

Built in reports, such as applied policies or access approvals, help you meet compliance requirements for PCI, NIST, NERC CIP, SOX and more.

Icon - integrates with our privileged account management softwareIntegrates with
Secret Server

Combined with Thycotic’s leading privileged account password software, you get complete multi-layered protection of your privileged credentials and endpoints.

SEE WHY Security Professionals and IT Admins
Love Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac

“I’ve now got an application control solution in Privilege Manager that enables me to lock down my endpoints from hackers and malicious insiders. I can rest a lot easier knowing I’ve got my endpoints secure and also drastically reduce the demands on my IT admins’ time responding to help desk calls.”

– IT Director of Security and Operations

Endpoint Application Discovery – Your first step to building a solid endpoint security strategy
Available On-demand

Learn how you can use Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac to blacklist, whitelist and graylist to build a Least Privilege strategy to defend against ransomware and other advanced threat attacks.

Watch the Video

How Privilege Manager for Windows & Mac works to lock down access to privilege and protect your network from malicious applications through deny-first whitelisting, blacklisting, and flexible greylisting.

Endpoint Application Discovery

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