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Implement least privilege through application control

privilege manager

Stop malware and ransomware from exploiting
applications by removing local administrative
rights from endpoints.

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“Thycotic Privilege Manager is a mandatory addition to traditional privilege management solutions, which lack the support for the specific requirements of endpoint privilege management.”

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Privilege Manager 
makes it easy
to implement least privilege
and application control

Make least privilege adoption easy through application control policies that are seamless for users and reduce the workload of IT/desktop support.

Reset Endpoints | Icon

Reset All Endpoints to
a “Clean Slate”

Remove all local admin rights, including hidden and hard-coded credentials that allow hackers entry.

Elevate Applications | Icon

Elevate Applications,
Never Users

Allow processes users require to do their jobs, with automated application control.

Sandbox Applications | Icon

Sandbox Unknown

Greylist and manage exceptions for further evaluation.

See how Privilege Manager can help you implement
Least Privilege and Application Control

Why the State of Indiana is
automating application control with
Privilege Manager

Hear about their success

  • Ease of use saves hours of sysadmin time
  • Rapid deployment scales to hundreds of servers
  • Policy-based controls protect without impacting productivity
Move Beyond GPO for Next-Level Privilege Management



Relying exclusively on GPO for privilege management is cumbersome if not impossible.

Plan for a future beyond what GPO can offer.

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Top 10 Keys to Successful Least Privilege
Adoption via Application Control

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Free Endpoint
Application Discovery Tool


How to Achieve End-to-End
Privilege Protection

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Boost Your Endpoint Security with a Least Privilege Strategy


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“Least Privilege Cybersecurity
for Dummies”

The smart guide to jump start your least privilege strategy

Get this free 16-page eBook to see how you can limit user and application access to privileged accounts—especially on endpoints—through various controls and tools without impacting productivity.