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Getting Started Steps

1. Download and Install Password Reset Server

Download Password Reset Server

The installation is simply downloading an installer file then following along with the instructions in our Installation Guide.

Installation Guides: Windows Vista/Server 2008 | Windows 8/Server 2012 

2. Save your Admin information

You will need your Admin user credentials whenever you are configuring AD settings for the system.

3. Configure Active Directory

Password Reset Server allows authenticated users to login using their Active Directory credentials . Password Reset Server synchronizes Active Directory Users by OU from multiple Domains on a periodic basis. Password Reset Server will not store the Domain user’s passwords, it will pass through the credentials to the Domain to authenticate.

For a detailed guide see Configuring Active Directory with Password Reset Server

4. Install your trial licenses

Starting a Password Reset Server trial entitles you to a 30 day trial with licenses for 60,000 users. These licenses will need to be installed for all features to be used.

5. Deploy the MSI for the GINA Login Integration

Once PRS is installed, you can deploy the MSI for the GINA Login Integration through group policy, which is the recommended way: Knowledgbase article “Installing Password Reset Server Through Group Policy”

6. Setup a Third party SSL certificate

The biggest potential issue is if you are attempting to use a self-signed SSL certificate with the GINA Logon integration, since the certificate must be trusted by the client machine. It is generally recommended that you use a 3rd party certificate for the web server running PRS, or a trusted Domain Signed Certificate.

7. Configure the SMTP server

Once PRS is installed you will want to configure the SMTP server to send out email reminders and two factor email questions. Additionally if you want your users to receive phone calls or SMS pin codes for phone questions you will need to configure a provider. PRS integrates with Telesign and ProxStop for sending phone calls or SMS two factor codes. The SMTP server and phone provider can be set by going to Administration->Configuration.

8. Get the most of your trial

The Basics

  • Customize security policy
  • Assign policy to users
  • send enrollment emails
  • Reset from windows logon


  • Set up phone verification questions
  • Setup expiration notifications