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Password Reset Server

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31 dollarsamount each help desk call can cost.


quotePassword management tools can reduce password-related call volumes by an average of 70%.
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We enable end-users to securely reset their Active Directory and Office 365 passwords from a self-service web portal or integrated Windows Logon screen.

IT admins and security teams can enforce custom end-user password security policies, permit users to update their AD attributes such as address and phone numbers, and securely reset their Active Directory and Office 365 passwords through the self-service portal.

Password reset software that puts your security first

Simply Secure

Password Reset Server enforces stronger and more secure end-user password controls. Plus, our password reset software meets Section 508 compliance standards.

A well-designed password reset tool like this one is a real time saver!


Password Reset Server frees up your IT help desk staff from time-consuming and inefficient processes, and gets employees back to work.

Our password reset tool is very easy to use, and therefore well adopted by users.

Easy to Use

Implementing a self-service tool for end-user password resetting only improves your organization’s efficiency if it’s well adopted by users—and all our tools are!

Thycotic's popular password reset tool comes with USA-based support.

Fully Supported

Our reliable, USA-based support sets us apart from every other self-service password reset tool, but doesn’t cost you more.

Your enterprise-level
password reset solution

keysSecure Identity

Password Reset Server can verify user authenticity with phone verification by calling or sending an SMS to the phone number registered to the user’s account and providing a pin code. Customization security questions can also be configured, and identification questions can even include image recognition questions.

Windows Logon Integration and Web PortalWindows Logon
Integration and Web Portal

Our Windows Logon screen means end-users initiate the password reset process from their workstation. Advanced security features confirm the user’s identity. Offline Reset allows remote users to perform password resets through a secure portal, even when their computers are offline.

radioAD Attribute

Enable end-users to make changes to their AD attributes, like home address and phone number. Administrators can choose which attributes can be viewed and modified by enrolled users. Users can also validate that their information is correct, so invalid information can be captured through reports.

keysCustom Security

Trust-based security policies customize password reset procedures based on your Active Directory OU structure. All activities, including password resets and changes to security policies, are audited for added security and documentation for compliance requirements.

keysAutomated or
Custom Enrollment

Administrators can automatically enroll employees or allow them to manually enroll and set their own security questions. Manual enrollment includes automatic email reminders to encourage and track enrollment by sending emails from within the application.

keysSection 508

Password Reset Server is a tool that’s accessible to your employees with disabilities, and is compliant with Section 508 requirements.

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How to minimize Help Desk calls with Password Reset Server

Minimizing Help Desk calls can save significant amounts of time and money. Learn how Thycotic’s self-service password reset tool for end-users can simplify your password management. By allowing employees to reset their forgotten Active Directory passwords directly from the web or Windows login screen, Password Reset Server can drastically cut Help Desk calls and reduce costs.

Password Reset Server

Password Reset Server Architecture

What our customers say

Quotation Mark

Allowing users to manage their own password resets is a big help for any large enterprise. Simple setup, very good documentation and seamless integration with AD make this tool A+. Web portals are easy to use and manage too, so it’s easy on you and your end-users. Would recommend this software to anyone who is interested.”

Quotation Mark

This product has solid account management features, and support is top notch. I would definitely recommend purchasing for anyone who is in the market for a solution like this.”

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Network security for HIPAA compliance

Network security for HIPAA compliance

Achieving SOX compliance

Achieving SOX compliance

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Meeting PCI DSS for IT compliance

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