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Protect, Detect, and Audit Privileged Accounts

Thycotic local security solution for windows

Get control of your privileged account security: secure and lock down endpoints by controlling membership of local groups with admin privileges, and any local group that can provide admin privileges.

  • Utilize Group Policy Objects

  • Integration with Service Desk

  • Policy filters by internet zone

  • Internet-facing agent connection

  • UAC Override

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of vulnerabilities addressed in Microsoft Security bulletins could have been mitigated by eliminating admin rights for end users.


quoteUsers should never log in as administrator
and never have administrator rights for their systems.
– Dr Eric Cole, SANS Institute


Securing privileged users, groups, applications, and operating system components to dramatically reduce the risk of spyware, viruses & zero-day attacks.

How vulnerable are your local admin accounts at the endpoint?

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Thycotic Local Security Solution for Windows gives you the ability to:

Discover Local User/Accounts

Quickly identify local user accounts and which of those accounts have admin rights on each endpoint. Eliminate unknown groups with admin privileges to help protect and lock down your endpoints and maximize your privileged account security.

Enforce Group Membership Policies

Set policies to define what users belong in specific security groups and enforce least privilege best practice that says all users should be STANDARD USERS – a specific security context in Windows.

  • Assure only specific users are members of certain security groups (such as the Administrators group).
  • Help ensure any user account not in a group that grants Administrative rights is defined as a STANDARD USER – and these users do not get administrative rights on the endpoint.

Ensure limited privileges on users/accounts

Create, maintain and manage user accounts on any endpoint, and determine which privileges are typically needed for each specific group.

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Lock down endpoints with
Local Security Solution to gain
these key advantages

Binoculars - Quickly find local users with admin rights, then limit privileges to beef up privileged account security

Gain better visibility and control over local accounts by finding local users with admin rights and limiting or eliminating privileges.

Secured Group - Secure and manage group membership by using purpose-designed privileged account security software

Secure and manage group membership more efficiently and effectively to identify groups and set policies that define who has admin rights within those groups.

Security Shield – Protect local service accounts against malware threats!

Harden and protect local service accounts against malware threats.

Notepad & Clock – Deliver offline updates to enforce privileges and policies

Deliver offline updates to enforce privileges and policies on systems that periodically connect to the network including remote user endpoints.

Gear Cog – Prevent local accounts or users from interfering with privileged account security

Prevent local accounts/users from making configuration changes or interfering with system security.

Manage local user groups more effectively with privileged account security software created just for that purpose

Manage local user groups to ensure that unauthorized users are not maliciously or mistakenly added to administrative group accounts.

Compliance Reports – Identify local account anomalies in your privileged account environment

Generate compliance reports that highlight local account anomalies in your environment and detail all account-related differences between a known secure baseline system and a corresponding collection of systems.

Interface – Top-level privileged account security contributes to PCI Compliance

Contributes to PCI Compliance.

STOP EXPLOITS like Malware and Ransomware
at the endpoint to significantly improve security
while keeping business users productive!

as well as…

Enforce granular least privilege policies
for IT administrators that effectively segregate
duties on your Windows Servers.

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Make endpoint security a priority
Too often local Windows accounts are added to the wrong local groups, giving too many users admin privileges that can be used to accidentally or purposefully install malware.

Learn how to mitigate these local account vulnerabilities in this datasheet.


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