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Release Notes

Group Management Server Release Notes

Release Notes 1.4.000015


  • Added new certification option type for group renewal policies for periodic review without moving groups to the expired OU.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed OU autocompletes on multiple pages to show the full path.
  • Fixed issues with group names that contained apostrophe
  • Added missing backslash in group name on the Add Group Members page.
  • Fixed issues with license checks if there were future dates in the database due to an incorrect server clock.
  • Fixed AD synchronization issues that could occur during the group membership processing.

Release Notes 1.4.000011

Main Focus: Time Zone and Email Preferences

  • A global timezone can now be selected, this will be used throughout Group Management Server.
  • Group Owners can now opt in/out of receiving emails from Group Management Server for each kind of email (requests to join groups, notifications of membership change, etc).

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed handling of whitespace when searching.
  • Clarified the expiration text when adding members to a group.
  • Added certificate validation for the update site.
  • Non-owners can no longer change the ‘Require Comment’ checkbox on the Group Detail page.

Release Notes 1.4.000002

  • Users can now specify an email address when creating a group provisioning request.

Release Notes 1.4.000000

Main Focus: Domain Configuration and Licensing

  • Administrators can now exclude OU’s and Groups from the licensed users. Users that are excluded from the license count cannot logged in and cannot be added or removed from groups in GMS.
  • Added option to expire a group manually if it isn’t needed any longer.
  • Added automatic backups for the application and database.
  • Domain Synchronization can be set to run against a specific domain controller.
  • Administrators can now pick a default login domain.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed security issues found in Thycotic review.
  • Added built-in support for HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).
  • Added additional HTTP headers to improve Secret Server’s security policies.
  • Fixed bug where the incorrect user could receive the group provisioning notification email if the request was edited.
  • Fixed bug where SMTP port number did not correctly validate.
  • Licenses with start dates in the future can now be added.

Release Notes 1.3.000007

Main Focus: Group Provisioning

  • Users can now request group creation. Privileged users can also create groups.
  • The interval for active directory synchronization is now configurable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where multiple audits could be written when a group was deleted in Active Directory.

Release Notes 1.3.000001

Main Focus: Group Membership Expiration

  • Group Owners can now specify a membership end date when adding users to a group, so users will get automatically removed from the group when their membership expires.
  • Users can add a reason for why they are requesting to join a group.
  • Group owners can specify a reason for why they are adding users to a group.
  • The wizards for adding and removing Group Owners and members got significant style reworks for a more streamlined workflow.

Release Notes 1.2.000006

Main Focus: Searching Enhancements

  • User Full Name and Group Description are now displayed in workflows and are searchable.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Installer requiring internet access to complete.
  • Fixed issue with Installer not checking for .NET 4.0 runtime.
  • Fixed permission error on Group and User Audit Report.

Release Notes 1.2.000000

Main Focus: Group Renewal

  • Administrators can now set a Group Renewal Policy to force periodic review of Group Membership.
  • Added option to automatically synchronize the Group Owner from Active Directory.
  • Added grouping functionality on activity logs and reports to group the audits by activity type rather than time.
  • Added new icons for Groups and Users when searching.
  • Updated icons for adding and removing Groups and Users for additional usability and clarity.
  • Added Integrated Windows Authentication support for automatic login when user is already authenticated against AD.
  • Groups deleted in Active Directory are now made inactive.
  • Numerous minor cosmetic enhancements.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed permission issue where group owner options were incorrectly displayed on home screen.
  • Fixed issue where a duplicate user could be created if the user was deleted and re-created in Active Directory.
  • Fixed issue where Groups Owned showed all groups for users with the Super Admin role permissions.
  • Fixed “Save to File” on Group and User Audit Report.
  • Fixed issues with resetting custom ports for the SMTP configuration.

Release Notes 1.1.000006

Main Focus: Usability and Auditing

  • Added the ability to export the Group and User Audit Report and all Activity logs to CSV.
  • Added Group Description to the Group Details, Join Group, Add Group Members, and My Groups pages.
  • Added an email alert for when Group membership is changed in AD after the initial synchronization.
  • Group Privacy Policy is now displayed in the Join Group, Leave Group, Add Group Members, and Remove Group Members wizards.
  • Approved and Denied Audit Records now show the user that approved or denied the request.
  • Added email address to User Detail page.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error where a user could receive permissions through a disabled role.
  • Fixed issue where manually resetting the database connection through the DBConnnectionReset page could fail due to cache issues.
  • Fixed issue where users could be removed if the connection to AD was lost during the synchronization.

Release Notes 1.0.000189

Initial Release (after Beta completed)

  • Significant AD synchronization performance improvements.
  • Numerous aesthetic improvements.
  • New User and Group report.
  • Better support for AD’s natural group scope restrictions (for example –
    which users and groups can be added to Universal, Global and Domain Local groups).