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Self-Service AD Group Management

Easy-to-use, self-service feature for all Group members

The self-service feature vastly reduces the amount of time IT administrators take to manage AD Groups.

By moving your AD Group management into a self-service format, you effectively share the task between your IT administrators, business managers, and regular AD users.

You also:

  • Improve accuracy.
  • Provide accountability.
  • Meet your compliance mandates.
  • Reduce the work burden on your IT team.

Once Active Directory Group management has been delegated to business managers, they can:

  • View all the Groups they ‘own.’
  • View the users within their Groups.
  • View, join or leave Groups.
  • Approve or reject Group membership requests.
  • Add and remove a user from a Group depending on the Group’s security policy.

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Faster, more efficient Group management:

Users can assist with AD Group management by viewing Groups and other users (based on permissions); and by requesting access or removal from groups. Email notifications provide Group owners with status updates and comments regarding users activities.

This screenshot demonstrates a user-initiated request to leave a Group:

Group Member submits a request to leave a group

This screenshot demonstrates the status of multiple Groups at a glance:

Self-service Active Directory Group Management Software User Interface - View Group status at a glance

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