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Your 30-day free Endpoint Privileged Access Security Suite trial includes:

  • The full version of Secret Server, Privilege Manager for Windows, and Privilege Manager for Unix, with all features enabled

  • Full access to our locally-based support team

  • 30-day access to trials

Secret Server trial:

  • Access for 10 users
  • Credential vault, customized user roles, full auditing
  • Automatic discovery and password changing, including Service Accounts
  • Custom approval workflows, Powerful API, and enterprise-level security monitoring

Privilege Manager for Windows trial:

  • Access for 50 desktops and 10 servers
  • Discover and report applications installed on endpoints
  • Create polices for application control including whitelisting, blacklisting, and gray listing
  • Enforce least privilege policy without impacting productivity
  • Save time and reduce help desk calls

Privilege Manager for Unix:

  • Access for 10 users within the Secret Server console
  • Enforce least privilege for Unix superusers
  • Create Unix command whitelisting to protect and document what users are authorized to do with root credentials

Try Secret Server and Privilege Managers for Windows and Unix Free 30-day Trial

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