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Multi-layer IT security to thwart cyber attacks and prevent privilege escalation

Endpoint Privileged Access Security Suite

Proactive IT security from Thycotic to secure passwords, protect endpoints and control access

Why Security Pros and IT Admins love Endpoint Privileged Access Security (EPAS) Suite

  • Only comprehensive yet simple multi-layered protection against ransomware and advanced threats
  • Easiest to manage, integrated security for endpoints and privileged account passwords
  • Enforces least privilege policies and password best security practices without reducing productivity
  • Reduces help desk calls and frees up IT admins for more important work

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62percentof reported breaches involve compromised endpoints through malware and other advanced threats. Once an endpoint is compromised – attackers can easily gain access to privileged accounts, and escalate privileges further to gain undetected access to your core network services and critical information.


Compromised endpoints from desktops, laptops and servers provide a ready pathway for hackers and malicious insiders to steal data using your “keys to the kingdom.” With the average breach costing more than $800,000, undiscovered and unprotected passwords, endpoints and applications can cause irreparable damage. It’s no longer an option to only protect your passwords or your endpoints, both can serve as vulnerable entries into your sensitive data.


Endpoint Privileged Access Security Suite from Thycotic is the only comprehensive endpoint security solution to deliver the usability and manageability you need to secure privileged password credentials, protect endpoints and control access across the enterprise. Our endpoint security suite consists of Secret Server, Privilege Manager and Unix Protection.


Install cyber security software that blocks a hacker's access to your network

1. Compromise an end-user account

Hackers use malware or social engineering to get access to desktops, laptops, or servers. All they need is one person to click a bad link.

2. Capture a privileged account

Attackers need a privileged account (local Windows admin / service account), to move around. If they wait, an admin account will eventually be used to manage that endpoint.

3. Go anywhere on the network

With privileged credentials, hackers can access core network services and remain undetected for weeks or months, spreading malware or stealing valuable information.


Block cyber attacks with software that provides multiple layers of security

1. Keep attackers off endpoints

Stop malicious applications and unix commands from running with Windows application whitelisting, blacklisting, and flexible greylisting. Now, you only give elevated privilege for approved applications and commands.

2. Enforce least privilege for everyone

Eliminate the ability for malware to run by automatically enforcing least privilege for everyone on your network through group policy. Reduce attack vectors by automatically finding and fixing OS configuration issues.

3. Protect privileged credentials

Discover, secure, and manage the use of privileged account passwords, continuously rotating passwords to prevent abuse. Monitor all privileged password activity and alert for unusual behaviors or potential violations of security policies.

Thycotic’s Endpoint Privileged Access Security Suite gives you unmatched advantages

  • Password Protection, Endpoint security, and Access Control
    Gives you unmatched multi-layered protection for all your privileged passwords, accounts, and endpoints.
  • Simplest to Manage
    Gives you the simplest to use, easiest to manage, and most flexible software solutions compared to any other PAM or endpoint security solution.
  • Fastest Time to Value
    Provides rapid installation in a matter of minutes to assure immediate time to value—no special training or professional services required.
  • Demonstrates Compliance
    Built in, easy to generate reports help you meet compliance requirements for PCI, NIST, NERC CIP, SOX, and more.
  • Readily adopted by IT admin users
    Because Thycotic Software solutions are easy to use, IT admins readily deploy and maintain privileged password protection as an automated routine in daily operations. This eliminates the “shelf-ware” effect seen with other, more complex security products.
  • Helps Assure Least Privilege Protection
    You can implement least privilege access policies across applications without interfering with IT admin or employee productivity.
  • Delivers Passionate Support
    Thycotic always has your back with our award-winning support team that partners with you every step of the way from installation to feedback.

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Privilege Manager for Windows and Mac

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Secret Server

SEE WHY Security Professionals and IT Admins
Love Endpoint Privileged Access Security Suite

“There’s nothing out there that matches the protection and manageability of Thycotic’s Endpoint Privileged Access Security Suite. The combination of fast implementation, super easy usability and affordable pricing make EPAS the best value in the PAM and endpoint protection space.”

– Director of IT Security

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Deep dive into better application control with Privilege Manager
Thursday, November 10 | 10:00 AM ET

Get an in-depth look at how new Privilege Manager for Windows and Mac from Thycotic gives you a comprehensive application control solution encompassing whitelisting, blacklisting and gray listing. See how Privilege Manager delivers the security, usability and manageability you’ve been looking for to implement a least privilege strategy.

Thycotic Product Manager Joseph Carson will demonstrate how Privilege Manager provides:

• Effective endpoint protection against ransomware and evolving advanced threats
• Easiest to manage application access control
• Least privilege enforcement without impacting productivity
• Time savings and reduced help desk calls
• Reports to help meet compliance requirements

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