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Database Security

Thycotic Database
Access Controller

Protect your organization’s most sensitive
information by controlling web access to databases.

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Manage authentication, authorization
and auditing across all databases.

Gain granular access control to databases, such as Oracle, MySQL, PostgreSQL, MariaDB, MongoDB, Redis, AWS RDS, Google DB, whether on premise or in the cloud. See who is accessing databases and govern their database access using capabilities such as multi factor authentication (MFA) and logging activities for tighter database security.

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See how you can protect sensitive access to your databases:

  • Secure database access to protect your most valuable information
  • Monitor and manage privileged users and improve productivity
  • Verify identities for tighter database security
  • Layer MFA on connections to the database
  • Audit access to ensure compliance

Thycotic’s new Access Controller products bring a new level of functionality to its existing PAM solution with much needed controls …. As organizations look to adopt more cloud services soon, enforcing more granular least privilege will be a growing security and compliance mandate.”

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Why is Controlling Access to Databases such a critical priority?

Databases are an essential resource for organizations and contain valuable and sensitive information that needs to be protected. Monitoring and controlling access to databases is a critical priority for security teams primarily because of this sensitive information. Privileged access, in particular, should require multi-factor authentication, and sessions should be monitored, recorded, and regularly reviewed.

Why Thycotic Database Access Controller for Secure Databases?

Thycotic Database Access Controller enables enterprises to adopt modern cloud databases from AWS (RDS), Google, Azure, Oracle, Redis, and others, while still enforcing appropriate access levels, multi factor authentication, and complete reporting and auditing workflows. Now customers can record entire database access sessions, provide time-based access, report and log actions, generate alerts and cut off connections automatically.

Protect Sensitive Information

Balance access rights and security when managing your most critical assets.

Control Access

Manage authentication, authorization and auditing for the entire session and layer on Multi-factor authentication.

Report and Audit

Record database access sessions, provide time-based access, report and log actions, generate alerts and cut off connections.

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