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Cloud Asset Protection

Thycotic Cloud
Access Controller

Gain granular control over web applications
and web-based cloud management platforms.

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Ensure users have the appropriate rights and privileges on any web application

Thycotic Cloud Access Controller ensures every IaaS and SaaS user has the necessary privileges required for their role. Role Based Access Controls can be precisely defined to control what each user can click, read, or modify within any web application. Separation of roles and duties is easily enforcable on standard accounts and shared accounts for web applications. Administrators have a dashboard of activity that clearly displays activity, for tighter cloud app security, uninterrupted productivity and streamlined compliance.

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See how you control your cloud app security at a granular level:

  • Secure cloud access for all users including access to social media
  • Gain granular Role Based Access Control for tighter cloud app security
  • Manage shared accounts efficiently
  • Record Web sessions for best cloud security
  • Intelligently Block unauthorized access for smart cloud access control
Critical Controls for Modern Cloud Security

Read Critical Controls for Modern Cloud Security

“The average enterprise uses 1,350 cloud services, an increase of 15% over last year, primarily due to SaaS growth.”

Read how to mitigate vulnerabilities across the cloud attack surface.

Why Has Cloud App Security Become Such a Challenge?

Modern enterprises are embracing cloud resources more than ever – 90% of companies will already have some portion of their apps or infrastructure in the cloud by the end of 2020, according to IDG, and 80% of IT budgets are already committed to cloud solutions, according to Gartner. The move to the cloud complicates PAM challenges. The growth of cloud services has driven the proliferation of privileged accounts and credentials to a state that, for most organizations, is unmanageable without automated process and specialized tools, Gartner warns.

Why Thycotic Cloud Access Controller

With such high stakes on cloud IT, Enterprises must be able to precisely control what users can see and do in Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) platforms such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Software as a Service (SaaS) applications like Salesforce. No other solution gives you the level of control for complete cloud app security.

Least Privilege
for Cloud Apps

Specify what an individual employee is allowed to read or modify on any web application.

and Rights

Grant, manage and revoke access to cloud applications. Specify who gets access to what, at a granular level.


Track usage of each and every cloud application. Identify areas where cost reduction can be achieved.

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Cloud Access Controller is a unique solution for securing cloud servers and cloud applications. One comprehensive solution to make access management easy. I love the value it brings.

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