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Have you implemented
least privilege application control?


“Application control is a very effective method to block malware-based attacks, including new and targeted attacks, malicious insider attacks and dangerous user behavior.”

– Peter Firstbrook, Gartner

Thycotic Application Control Solution
offers the optimal “least privilege” security solution
for Windows

Lock down applications while keeping
your business & admin users productive

Application Control Solution revokes everyday local administrator privileges from business users while seamlessly elevating privileges when required by trusted applications.

Your IT admins can enforce lower levels of privilege and grant proper privileges to applications so that business users can:

Toolbox - business users can still run limited System Utilities

Run limited System Utilities.

Monitor with icons - business users with the right privileges can install approved software

Install approved software.

Power-on button - business users can run approved applications if they have elevated privilege

Run approved applications
by elevating privilege.

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STOP EXPLOITS like Malware and Ransomware
at the endpoint to significantly improve application security
while keeping business users productive!

as well as…

Enforce granular least privilege policies
for IT administrators that effectively segregate
duties on your Windows Servers.

Application Control Solution: Privilege Management Software Demo

Thycotic Application Control Solution
key endpoint security benefits:

Application Control Benefit 1 – Your environments are secure and stable

Ensure environments are secure and stable to stop malware and malicious code (Ransomware, malware, key logging, etc.).

Application Control Benefit 2 – You can demonstrate compliance

Demonstrate compliance by enforcing industry best practices to meet audit and security policy requirements.

Application Control Benefit 3 – You reduce organizational risk

Reduce organizational risk by reducing your Windows endpoint attack surface.

Application Control Benefit 4 – Your business user productivity is assured

Assure business user productivity by letting users take approved/secure actions and use approved/secure applications.

Application Control Benefit 5 – You reduce help desk costs and calls

Minimize help desk calls and reduce your costs for providing assistance.

Application Control Benefit 6 – You’ll detect and prevent insider threats

Detect insider threats and prevent unwanted potential back door applications from being installed for e.g. torrents, remote access tools or spyware that antivirus does not detect.

Application Control Benefit 7 – You’ll experience seamless integration with other software

Seamless integration into system management vendors like Microsoft SCCM, Symantec or LANDesk and security information event management vendors like Arcsight and Splunk.

Integrate with Virus Total and Kaspersky Software

Application Reputation intelligence with integration into VirusTotal and Kaspersky white list program.

Protect your organization from the
top endpoint vulnerability exploits

See how Thycotic Application Control Solution eliminates the need for administrator credentials to run software and reduces your risk from zero-day attacks and other vulnerability exploits.





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