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Privileged Access Governance

Thycotic account
lifecycle manager

Control service accounts with end-to-end governance,
from discovery and provisioning through decommissioning.

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Increase accountability, consistency,
and oversight of service account management

Account Lifecycle Manager manages service accounts – non-human privileged accounts – that access services, applications, data, and network resources. By discovering hidden service accounts and understanding their purpose, you can mitigate the risk of breaches, service interruptions and human error.


See how you can govern service accounts with Account Lifecycle Manager:

  • Establish workflows for tighter control over service accounts
  • Delegate ownership with role-based permissions
  • Provision accounts seamlessly and automatically
  • Enforce governance and create accountability and ownership over service accounts
  • Decommission accounts automatically and without causing disruption

As the market’s first Privileged Access Governance service, Thycotic Account Lifecycle Manager presents the potential to meet the ever-increasing demand of organizations for managing privileged account lifecycle events in a more organized and compliant manner”

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Whitepaper - Privileged Access Governance

Why are service accounts so difficult to manage?

Service accounts provide access to critical applications and data but fly under the radar of IT. Historically, they’ve been extremely time consuming to discover and control, and are prone to human error when managed manually. Because of this lack of governance, we’ve seen almost all medium-to-large organizations suffer from extreme service account sprawl, perpetuating the unmanaged, uncontrolled expansion of their privileged account attack surface.

Account Lifecycle Manager empowers you to manage and control service accounts with workflows, automated provisioning, governance, compliance, and de-provisioning capabilities. Account requests follow approval workflows tailored to your organization. Now your IT and security teams can control service accounts fully and reduce your attack surface.

Have you inventoried your Service Accounts?

Why Account Lifecycle Manager for Service Account Governance?

Whether you have hundreds or thousands of service accounts, Account Lifecycle Manager is built to grow with you. No other PAM solution provides full control over the lifecycle of service accounts

Cloud-native architecture

Rapid deployment and elastic scalability to support growing organizations with industry- leading controls and redundancy.


Low total cost of ownership with no patching or maintenance burden or expense of on-premises infrastructure or software.

Enterprise-wide PAM

Part of Thycotic’s comprehensive suite of PAM solutions designed to meet the needs of any sized company.

Privilege Manager Demo

See these Privilege Manager features in action

Privilege Manager can automatically enforce your least privilege security posture through application control.

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