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401 Access Denied Podcast

Welcome to the 401 Access Denied Podcast, where we dissect what’s really going on in today’s world of cyber security. Topics range from finding a job in cyber security, to dealing with insider threats, to going inside the mind of a hacker, and more.

Bi-weekly, Thycotic’s ethical hacker Joseph Carson and the cyber security training experts from Cybrary will share their insights along with our special guests.

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Voted "Best Cybersecurity Podcast" in the 2021 & 2022 Cybersecurity Excellence Awards
Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2021  Cyber Security Excellence Awards 2022

Thycotic produces this podcast in partnership with Cybrary, the cyber security and IT career development platform.

401 Access Denied

Episode 15

AI, ML, and Quantum Computing: Hope or Hype?

401 Access Denied

Episode 14

OT Security: Scientific Sensors

401 Access Denied

Episode 13

OT Security: Transportation with Shift5

401 Access Denied

Episode 12

OT Security: Intro to OT with Chris Kubecka

401 Access Denied

Episode 11

Favorite Hacker Movies with David Scott Lewis

401 Access Denied

Episode 10

Election Security – Can a Hacker Really Pick the Next U.S. President?

401 Access Denied

Episode 9

Password Rules You *Have* to Break

401 Access Denied

Episode 8

International Cyber Warfare: How Real is the Threat? Pt. 2