Phone Number +1-202-802-9399 (US)
Thycotic Rewards Card

Earn $250 for Every Deal

Register any opportunity valued at over $5,000

Applies to license sales of Thycotic Secret Server and Password Reset Server

Thycotic Deal Registration Program

Thycotic’s Deal Registration Program gives Thycotic Channel Partners a way to protect their opportunities, and maximize available discounts! By registering an opportunity with Thycotic, you can be assured that we will work with you on closing the deal, as well as maximizing your profit from Thycotic. In addition, registered leads are eligible for Deal Registration Discounts.

Thycotic Rewards Incentive Program

Thycotic Rewards takes deal registration a step further. With Thycotic Rewards, we can reward you for your efforts in selling Thycotic. Thycotic Rewards is a flexible program that allows us to help you get started with introducing Thycotic, get trained, and close business.

Thycotic Margin Protection

Thycotic’s Deal Registration Program also includes margin protection – even if your customer purchases Thycotic another way, you will earn Margin Protection Credit for every Approved Deal Registration. That can be worth up to 30% of the license sale value.