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Solutions that fail to work well with your existing infrastructure won’t be used –
Fit OUR products to YOUR environment, not the other way around.

Thycotic’s Privilege Ready and Strategic Alliance Program is our commitment to ensuring that our solution provides valuable collaboration and integration with your existing IT security solutions. With more than 100 vendor integrations, we’ve made managing, protecting, and accessing privileged credentials an easy, efficient, and automated process.

Easy Native Integrations

We understand the need to rapidly integrate Secret Server with your existing solutions, so we’ve built in integrations with many of the most popular vendors out there to help ensure a seamless integration with our Privilege Security products.

Flexible API Integrations

We’ve made sure that our solution is always easy to access through our REST API.  With a few lines of code, your administrators can quickly connect an existing solution (even one you’ve built in-house) to Secret Server.

Existing Investment Protection

It’s vital to protect access to your IT and Security systems at all times. We want to help you ensure that malicious attackers aren’t opening backdoors throughout your network by allowing you to manage, track, and audit each of your systems’ privileged accounts 24/7.

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Making Your Integration Goals a Reality

Privileged access management (PAM) is a critical piece of your security infrastructure, but it’s just a single piece. Visit our Thycotic Integrations Center to browse or search for the technology solutions you want to integrate with Thycotic PAM products.

Join Our Program Today

Our Privilege Ready program is our commitment to ensuring that we are always looking not only at how our product can secure your organization, but how it can also secure your existing investments and enhance the security of your tools. Do you see the value in ensuring that your technology integrates effortlessly with our Privileged Security solutions?  Click the button below to join our Privilege Ready Program.

The Importance of PAM Integrations

Many applications require passwords or keys to access third-party APIs, databases, or external resources. Avoid putting built-in application credentials at risk and instead ensure proper control and management of these accounts using Secret Server. Automation of complex tasks is crucial for administrators and DevOps teams to eliminate human error and allow the organization to scale.

Any complex automation buildout will require access to passwords or keys to call APIs and access data. Using your favorite scripting language and the Secret Server API, you can build out custom workflows to build tasks and eliminate passwords embedded in scripts. The Secret Server SOAP and REST web service APIs can be integrated using any programming language, such as .NET, Java, Python, Ruby, or PowerShell. This enables companies to secure their privileged accounts and ensure that all sensitive credentials are stored and managed in one central place. DevOps can integrate provisioning scripts to automatically create Secrets for new accounts, and developers can have their build and deployment processes use accounts stored in Secret Server.

Sailpoint & Thycotic Integration Datasheet

Sailpoint Integration Datasheet