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Device Management

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Thycotic Secret Server helps VMware admins eliminate dangerous backdoor access by discovering and managing privileged accounts across the network.  Thycotic Secret Server is an on-premises privileged account management solution that discovers, vaults and securely manages passwords for privileged non-human accounts across the network – including hypervisor environments such as VMware ESX/ESXi.  With Thycotic Secret Server, IT administrators can better discover and automatically change passwords on ESX systems via built in API. This helps eliminate backdoor access, prevent unauthorized usage and ensure all device identities are secured in an encrypted vault.

Palo Alto, California
Technology:Device Management

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Use Thycotic Secret Server to protect and manage Oracle credentials when accessing key applications and accounts.

San Jose, California
Technology:Device Management

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F5 Networks

Thycotic and F5 have partnered to provide overall security and reduce exposure of an organization’s most critical and vulnerable passwords: their privileged accounts. The Secret Server and BIG-IP integration allows organizations to store their sensitive credentials for managing BIG-IP configurations in a secure, on premises, web-based vault. Secret Server manages privileged accounts through strict granular access controls, full auditing, and automatic password rotation, drastically reducing risk around F5 BIG-IP privileged accounts.

Seattle, Washington
Technology:Device Management


Thycotic can integrate with Symantec Management Platform.  Thycotic can import existing Resource Collections from SMP and use them for Thycotic policy targets.  Thycotic can also scan SMP Software Packages and use the package contents in Thycotic Privilege Manager Policy Whitelists.

Mountain View, California
Technology:Device Management

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Use customizable command sets to target specific Cisco commands at any Cisco device with SSH or Telnet access.  Secret Server supports using an initial Secret to authenticate, and then elevates privilege to change the root password. This makes it possible to change UNIX / Linux root passwords, or the Cisco Enable, where the root credential cannot be used to connect to the device.  Secret Server can change or test passwords (using Heartbeat) for UNIX, Linux or Cisco devices.

San Jose, California
Technology:Device Management