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Partner Unlocked

Deal Reg your way to winning 2 tickets
to the Italian Grand Prix

We are ramping up the heat for this year’s competition!

Join Thycotic Partners at UNLOCKED in France and WIN 2 tickets to the Italian Grand Prix.

Thycotic will be launching an ANZ specific partner leaderboard and an Asia specific partner leaderboard, where we can track your deal registrations. Remember, this is a contest, so you will be competing against all other Thycotic partners in your region. This leaderboard will not only show your deal registrations, but it will measure and rank you against all other competing partners. See how well you track against your competition and who it is you have to beat to get your hands on those tickets!

Please find the competition rules and terms and conditions below.

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Partner Unlocked – France, Nice
4 – 6 September 2018
Radisson Blue Resort

The Rules:
The competition will run from, 1st of June – 31st of July, 2018.

For every approved deal registration your results will be tracked and measured on our special partner competitive leader board.
The partner with the highest amount of deal registrations by July 31, will be the winner!

In the event of a tie, largest dollar value wins

Please note: Thycotic will not be covering travel costs

T&Cs Contest Rules—Deal Reg UNLOCKED
Prize = 2 Italian Grand Prix Tickets for 1 partner in ANZ and 1 partner in Asia for the highest amount of deal registrations.

Prizes available: 2 Italian Grand Prix tickets for 1 partner in ANZ, 2 Italian Grand Prix tickets for 1 partner in Asia.

The prize cannot be exchanged for cash and may not be resold or transferred out with your company.

To enter the contest your company must be an authorised reseller of Thycotic (speak to your local Channel Account Manager for confirmation). You must register and attend the Partner Unlocked Conference to be eligible to win the Italian Grand Prix Tickets.

All applicants must be 18 years of age or older in order to enter this contest.

Contest is open to anyone who provides a valid deal registration.

“Valid”: Your leads must be registered by filling out the Thycotic Deal Registration Form on Thycotic Website. Your registered lead will then be reviewed by your Thycotic sales account representative. Once approved, Thycotic will work with you to qualify the lead ensuring that the prospect has Budget to initiate a purchase; the Authority to buy; that there is a valid Need for securing privilege access; and a reasonable Timeline from when the purchase will be transacted. In other words, full BANT criteria must be met to enter the competition.

The incentive period will run from June 1 to July 31, 2018.
In order for the deal registration to count towards your entry, this needs to be input into the system before 12am universal time on the 31st of July.

‘Resellers have the right to send a named person of their choice from their company if any individual wins from their company.

The 2 winners will be picked based on the highest amount of deal registrations by the 31st of June.

Thycotic will use its sole discretion to determine the winners of the contest.

Winners will be announced publicly on the Thycotic web site and in various other marketing materials.

Winners must agree to provide their full names, a photograph and a quotation for use in Thycotic marketing materials.

Areas: APAC (ANZ & Asia)
In the event of a tie, largest dollar value wins

Traveller is required to have a valid passport and that they meet visa requirements, also it is required that the Passport has at LEAST three (3) months before expiry

If there are visa costs, then they are born by the traveller. Prize value up to $5000 Australian Dollars