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Licensing FAQ

Can I purchase additional user licenses later on?

Yes, with the exception of Free edition, additional user licenses may be applied to the same instance of Secret Server at any time. Free edition includes limits to the number of users and the number of Secrets. Please refer to your Free purchase receipt for the user and Secret limits.

Can I upgrade the software easily? Do I need to reinstall to use my new licenses?

Secret Server is easy to upgrade editions. You simply apply a new license key to your instance of Secret Server and it will “unlock” additional features.

Can I purchase just one support license for the Admin on our account?

Secret Server is licensed per named user, and each user license on your account must have an accompanying support license in order for the account to be considered supported. If there are 45 user licenses, you will need 45 support licenses, renewed annually.

Does the support cost vary for the different Editions?

The support license cost is a percentage of the cumulative perpetual licensing cost. That is, Edition cost plus user license cost.

If I let the support licensing lapse, will I lose data or features?

Support licensing must be current and continuous in order to access new upgrades/releases and for access to technical support. However, you will still have use of your system if your support lapses.

Can I use my licenses on more than one instance of Secret Server?

No. Secret Server licenses may only be used on one production instance of Secret Server. You may, however, use your licenses on an additional test or staging instance. Many customers do this to test new versions before rolling it out to their users.

What if I purchase user support licenses at different times?

Support licenses are annual subscriptions. If you purchase licenses at different times, Thycotic will co-term your support renewal date. This ensures you only have one annual renewal date for your organization. For example, if you have a 10-user support license up for renewal on June 30, but you purchase another 20-user support license on March 10, Thycotic will prorate the new 20-user support license so its renewal date is also on June 30.