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state of privileged account password security

We benchmarked 500+ organizations on how they manage and secure their privileged account passwords and access.

Read the Report: To learn the major security gaps of companies, which industries are most vulnerable, and how to address the most common shortfalls in privileged password security.

what black hat hackers say

2016 Black Hat Hacker Survey Report

Thycotic’s latest survey of hacker attendees at the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas, shows overwhelming support for data privacy among respondents. Yet, in a seeming contradiction of their own beliefs, nearly half said they would be willing to hack your password for a fee if asked by the FBI. Bottom line: more than 77% of Black Hat survey hackers believe no password is safe from hackers or the government for that matter.

White Paper Thycotic Black Hat 2015 Hacker Survey Report

2015 Black Hat Hacker Survey Report

Hackers share several startling findings, including that 9 out of 10 hackers believe it’s as easy — or even easier — to steal privileged account credentials today compared to the past two years. Gain insights into how hackers continue to easily compromise privileged accounts — the “keys to your kingdom” allowing them to access virtually any part of your network, including mission critical data.

Benchmark your IT security Performance

Privileged Password Vulnerability Benchmark

See how your company compares with others in your industry. This privileged account password management and security practices benchmark takes 10 minutes. You get an immediate password vulnerability grade, along with a follow up Benchmark Results Report via email showing how your answers compared with those of your peers.

Security Measurement Index Benchmark

Thycotic has partnered with Security By The Numbers to offer this free online survey as an easy benchmarking tool to judge how your organization’s security measurement practices compare to other companies. This survey is designed to help management evaluate your current security metrics and encourage best practices to help make security more effective and efficient.

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