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Live Endpoint Hack: Protecting the Keys to the Kingdom

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With 85% of breaches involving compromised endpoints, organizations need to secure their employee endpoints to minimize risks caused by cyber-attacks and fraudulent users, especially now that so many are not working from corporate offices.

But how do attackers access corporate resources by gaining access to an endpoint? Watch as we demonstrate a live privileged account hack using existing vulnerabilities cyber criminals employ every day to access endpoints and gain access to your infrastructure and data.

Join Thycotic Senior Product Manager Steve Goldberg and Software Security Engineer Raimonds Liepins on Thursday, November 5, for this webinar to see first-hand how an endpoint vulnerability is used to get access. By thinking like a hacker, you’ll be able to stay one step ahead to make it more difficult and reduce the risk of your employee endpoints being the next target. We’ll also discuss how implementing a least privilege security posture and application control can expedite the process of protecting your endpoints.

Who should watch this webinar?

  • IT Security
  • New to PAM
  • PAM experts
  • Compliance and Audit

What will I learn?

  • Why 85% of breaches start at the endpoint
  • The security risks associated with employee endpoints and steps to take to reduce that risk
  • The tools and techniques used by cyber criminals to hack endpoints, such as the WannaCry vulnerability and Mimikatz, and the paths they can take toward your enterprise infrastructure and data
  • How a least privilege security posture can help lock-down endpoints to help protect from a breach

Get the answers to these important questions

  • Why do cyber criminals target endpoints?
  • Is the WannaCry vulnerability still a concern?
  • How can I use least privilege to block access to AD admin creds/ticket?
  • How can I use advanced endpoint protection software to detect and prevent Mimikatz from running?


Ed Breay

Ed Breay

  • 25 years in the identity management and privilege management space
  • Focused on endpoint privilege management and privilege access management with a focus on privilege reduction on Windows and MacOS endpoints
  • Manages the Western North American Sales Engineers Team at Thycotic Software
Raimonds Liepins

Raimonds Liepins

  • Software Security Engineer at Thycotic
  • Takes part in securing Thycotic products
  • Strong believer in offensive security