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Inside the Mind of an Ethical Hacker

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As more organizations move to the cloud, the cyber security dynamics of a cloud environment and the threats associated with it are rapidly evolving. Join ThycoticCentrify’s Tony Goulding and Joseph Carson as they explain and demonstrate the latest attacker tactics and techniques from the perspective of the criminal hacker. They will share insights into how the mind of a criminal hacker operates based on their experiences and steps you can take to stop them in their tracks.

Chief Security Scientist and Ethical Hacker Joseph Carson will demonstrate a real-world use case of how a cyber adversary gains an initial foothold in your network through compromised credentials and then elevates control and moves laterally to identify and exfiltrate your critical data.

Who should attend this webinar? 

  • IT Security
  • CISOs and Executive Leadership
  • IT operations: Systems Administrators, Helpdesk Teams, Infrastructure Management, Workstation Management, etc.
  • Professionals looking to move into these roles

What will I learn?

  • How attackers gain access to IT environments and systems and escalate privileges
  • What a real-world hack looks like in a use-case demonstration
  • Best practices for combating attackers by establishing multiple layers of security to minimize risk

Get answers to these important questions: 

  • How has moving to the cloud affected cyber security from a PAM perspective?
  • What are the most common types of attacks that criminal hackers use to compromise cloud environments?
  • What are common misconceptions that lead to cyber security “blind spots” of vulnerability?


Tony Goulding

Tony Goulding

  • Tony Goulding is a cyber security evangelist at ThycoticCentrify
  • He contributes to product strategy, messaging, competitive intelligence, sales enablement, and go-to-market strategy
  • Educated in the U.K. with a BSc. Honors degree in Mathematics, Tony has been part of the global IT security community for more than 30 years
  • He is an IT security expert and author, speaking at industry events internationally, and regularly provides commentary and publishes articles on data breaches, insider threats, cyber warfare, incident response, and IT security best practices
  • Tony is ITIL and CISSP certified
Joseph Carson

Joseph Carson

  • Chief Security Scientist at ThycoticCentrify
  • Over 25 years' experience in enterprise security
  • Author of "Privileged Account Management for Dummies" and "Cybersecurity for Dummies"
  • Cyber security advisor to several governments, critical infrastructure, financial and transportation industries
  • Speaker at conferences globally