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Top 10 Service Account Management Best Practices

Wednesday, September 4, 2019 | 11:00am CEST

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Service accounts present many security and logistical challenges. They are usually created ad-hoc, and you’ve got to manage hundreds or even thousands of services running across your network, accessing equal numbers of resources.

These accounts don’t have people assigned to them, so there is no accountability.  If the person who created the service account leaves, they might take the credentials with them, posing a huge security issue.  How do you shut them down when there may be no record?  Service Account Governance – Tracking, maintaining, and decommissioning these services – should be a top priority but is virtually impossible to implement without proper tools.

Join our Cyber Security Consultant, Robert Edmondson as he focuses on the most common service account management challenges. See how you can curb service account sprawl and assure service accounts are identified and managed properly.

Key Takeaways:

  • How to manage and control service accounts with workflows, automated provisioning and governance
  • How to automate and streamline the full privileged account lifecycle of service accounts all the way through decommissioning unnecessary accounts

Take a look at our privileged Account Lifecycle Manager — your solution for comprehensive service account governance and control.